MMIC is dedicated to evaluate infertility condition in a detailed manner and develop the most appropriate treatment plan by a collaborative approach. To find and share the best current medical expertise MMIC establish a close contact with people working to find better methods to diagnose and treat male infertility. Our specialists are trained and experienced in their fields in managing variety of conditions related to male infertility. The team works in continual communication to find the causative factor or underlying pathology and so to decide the related treatment option. We believe that a personalized approach, combined with the most advanced technologies and evidence-based medicine, provides the best solution for infertile men. In this context, MMIC offers state-of-the art diagnostic tests and treatment procedures as well as surgical techniques.

In the body of MMIC both university academicians from the departments of uro-andrology, gynecology, medical biology, molecular biology and genetics, and investigators from private research laboratories work together. The joint work of the team enables the development of new diagnostic markers and treatment modalities for different infertility problems. The aforementioned disciplines also provide the opportunity to receive academic education or personal training for those who wish, as long as they provide the required conditions.

The MMIC platform is established by Prof. Dr. Kaan Aydos who is a leading and experienced academician in male infertility and andrology. Team members are currently working in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey.


You can send your questions to
Prof.Dr. Kaan Aydos

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